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The Back Yard Rink in the News

Here are some of the highlights over the years.

Top Stories

  • 2005 Tim Horton's Brier, Edmonton
    Canadian Men's Curling Championships
    At the 2 live auction for the Hec Gervais Scholarship Foundation and Sandra Schmirler Foundation, The Back Yard Rink complete set autographed by Team Alberta and Team Nova Scotia sold for $2600.

  • The View from Red Water
    News paper article
  • 2007 CFRN TV, Edmonton
    CTV local news story
    ON site interview with Don Lakusta done by CTV, CFRN TVPlay Video
  • 2010: The Zetteh Gunner team; best looking team on the ice!

The skip, Zetteh Gunner is from the Armstrong curling club, third is Ashley Nordin from Kamloops, second is Jen Pynn from Kelowna and lead is Marleigh Kallhood from Kamloops and coach Doris Torrance. 

They have all worked really hard playing for their respective high schools, communities as well as Junior teams. The team also competes every couple of weeks, driving to Langley for the Optimist League.  Marleigh is running with the Olympic torch representing young curlers on January 27th.

Marleigh ran with the Olympic Torch on January 27th near Pritchard Station.

The Back Yard Rink Quilt, team fundraiser

The quilt was designed and constructed by Pat Pynn of Kelowna after a massive team effort to collect signatures from all parts of the curling world: Scotland, China, Japan, Korea, USA, Russia, Denmark, Germany, Sweden, Norway, Switzerland, Italy, Czech Rep. as well as Canadian teams including a much coveted autograph from Sandra Schmirler.