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About The Back Yard Rink

The concept of the back yard rink is not new, with many of us growing up with a back yard rink or surface for skating. Hockey is frequently referred to as Canada's game but no country in the world have embraced the game of curling as much as Canada has. This back yard rink handles both hockey and curling with the later built with passion.

For the kid in all of us

Since 1996 Don Lakusta has laboured in the early winter to construct this ice surface. Originally as an activity with his two son's Doug and Darryl primarily for their benefit and enjoyment. For many years the curling circles were hand painted by the family ice crew. The fluctuating weather patterns made keeping the ice in pristine condition a challenge with warmer weather melting the ice surface and causing the paint to run or sleet and snow dulling the surface. The original rocks were made of small white pails with handles donated by the Thorhild Curling Club, filled with secret ingredients; only known to those played there.

The highlight of the season at The Back Yard Rink is the annual New Years Bonspiel where pro's and amateurs come face to face. No matter what the weather this event has gone well past the stroke of midnight. This by invitation only event has grown over the years prompting an expansion of the rink.

TBYR two sheets

The Back Yard Rink goes High Tech

  • IN 2006-2007 the rink moved to printed curling sheets from Hack to Hack Solutions; providing a consistent back ground and regulation rings. No more painting and no risk of the paint running during a thaw.
  • The curling rocks also moved from the white pails, which were susceptible to breaking to Folgers plastic coffee cans. These proved to be much more durable and had an improved running surface.
  • For 2007-2008 the rink has grown to two sheets both using Hack to Hack Solutions.